In the face of soaring unemployment rates affecting the youth, Institut Universitaire des Grandes Ecoles des Tropiques (IUGET) stands as a prominent private institution dedicated to upholding exceptional academic standards and delivering quality education. To address this imperative and pave the way to quality employment, IUGET opens its doors to DASCA accreditation to uniquely mold training programs that align with the dynamic needs of the job market, notably through its specialized engineering cycle.

With a clear mission to provide high-quality futuristic education that equips students with the best dispositions to become leaders of tomorrow. IUGET extends beyond the conventional, offering a broad spectrum of high-quality education, including specialized programs, professional training, and a steadfast pursuit of academic excellence. Widely open to the world, IUGET is committed to shaping a generation ready to face the global landscape.



Celebrating over a decade of service to the youth, the Institut Universitaire des Grandes Ecoles des Tropiques (IUGET) operating under the supervision of the Universities of Douala and Bamenda, stands as a testament to academic excellence with an impressive 90% success rate in HND, Bachelor, and MBA exams. With the mission to deliver high-quality, forward-looking education, that molds students into tomorrow's leaders, IUGET aspires to be the center of academic excellence, innovation, and research– reflecting the commitment to holistic education.

In the face of youth unemployment challenges, the institution remains optimistic, providing market-responsive training, notably through our specialized engineering cycle, providing real-world business immersion. With a belief that the future remains promising when met with adequate training, each year, they welcome 4,000+ registrations, collaborate with 150+ partners for professional integration, and boast a faculty of 500+ qualified lecturers across three campuses. IUGET isn't just an institute; it's a pathway to success and innovation for the leaders of the future.

Empowering Cameroon's Next-Gen in Data Science

Cameroon and Central Africa are emerging as prominent players in the dynamic field of data science. Notably, UNESCO recognizes Cameroon for boasting the highest volume of publications per million inhabitants in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly in AI, robotics, and energy-related topics, highlighting a thriving ecosystem for research and innovation. Speculations are made that,

  • Data Scientists in the Cameroon area can anticipate a monthly salary of around FCFA 450,000.
  • The Middle East and Africa's big data analytics market is forecasted to experience robust growth— by 28% annually until 2025.
  • The estimated revenue for this market is projected to reach an impressive $68 billion by 2025, according to a report from consulting firm Frost & Sullivan.
  • The International Data Corporation (IDC) anticipates an 11% increase in revenue from big data and analytics operations in Africa and the Middle East for the current year, reaching $2 billion.
  • The IDC further predicts a sustained growth rate of around 11% in the coming years, signaling a thriving industry landscape in the region.
DASCA Accreditation

The Data Science Council of America has granted comprehensive accreditation to the Bachelor in Computer Engineering and the Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering programs at Institut Universitaire des Grandes Ecoles des Tropiques (IUGET). This recognition officially granted on December 21, 2023, signifies IUGET’s strong commitment to academic excellence and adherence to the highest standards in education.

DASCA's accreditation standard seamlessly integrates with IUGET's unwavering commitment to unparalleled academic quality. Aligning its degree programs with DASCA's vendor-neutral data science standards, IUGET ensures a harmonious fusion that significantly enhances student learning and employability. Employing the Baldrige model in its accreditation process, the DASCA-accredited programs, demonstrate an unwavering dedication to continuous improvement to institutes, ensuring that their data science programs align with industry needs.

Accreditation Impact

Through DASCA accreditation, IUGET solidifies its standing as a prominent institution bridging the gap between education and entrepreneurship and shaping a generation ready to face the global landscape.

DASCA Accreditation serves as more than a mere endorsement; it symbolizes the institution's resolute commitment to delivering exemplary data science education. Its distinctive influence extends well beyond academia, marking a profound impact. Under DASCA accreditation, students of Bachelor in Computer Engineering and the Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering don't merely acquire knowledge; they evolve into influencers, establishing innovative benchmarks and practices within their fields.